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February 28, 2012

LoE³-366™ glass now standard with Neat®

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What basic consideration do new construction builders, light commercial renovation experts and remodeling contractors have in common? More specifically, what does every home or business owner want from their window package? Comfort? Energy efficiency? Low maintenance?

It’s this desire, the desire to provide prospective clients with sensible products and services that drives our newest glazing option.

Introducing LoE³-366™/Neat®!!

Lincoln’s/Timeline’s product line delivers on this goal by now including Neat® glass with all LoE³-366™ purchases. Combining these two upscale glass features is a natural progression in our quest to provide practical, beneficial and usable product choices.

What is the science behind Neat® glass and what are some features and benefits?

Neat® glass refers to the coated exterior surface, the glass on outside of your home. The coatings consist of silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide which make glass smoother. Yes, rest assured that it won’t wipe off. In fact, it is a permanent coating you won’t be able to visually detect. Until you start cleaning your windows!!

  • Super-thin coating applied to the exterior glass surface creates smoother glass that stays cleaner longer and is easier to clean.
  • Rain water disperses quickly with a sheeting affect greatly reducing stubborn water spotting because water evaporates faster.
  • Patented double-sputtering process results in a very durable, permanent and affordable outside coating.
  • Neat® coating chemically react’s with the sun’s UV rays decomposing organic materials that are rinsed away with rain water.

Why did we choose to bundle these offerings? The list of positives is very long. Energy efficiency is certainly one of the positive attributes. That’s where the LoE³-366™ story comes in. Controlling a structure’s interior temperature means keeping cold and warm weather outside resulting in more consistent inside temperatures leading the way to more comfortable interior spaces.

What is LoE³-366™ glass and what are some key features and benefits?

LoE³-366™ has three-coats of silver that remain very clear so interior spaces don’t seem shaded or tinted. This coating process out performs LoE² by keeping heat from penetrating the glass pack, passing through and collecting in the building.

  • Reduction in unwanted solar heat gain lowers air-conditioning bills and increases interior comfort level
  • Blocks 95% of damaging ultraviolet rays protecting furniture, flooring and other expensive furnishings.
  • High performance glass minimizes exterior mirror-like reflectance creating less ‘light pollution’
  • LoE³-366™ insulating properties create warmer glass in winter conditions reducing HVAC demand during cold periods.

Contemporary window designs are dominating the market right now. For windows and patio doors, this changed the emphasis to more glass area and less surrounding frame material. Often, these contemporary windows are stacked very tall with numerous units mulled together.

This is an excellent opportunity for LoE³-366™/Neat®. The three coatings of silver provide the energy efficiency, decreasing heat gain and resist interior fading while Neat® glass reduces cleaning effort and frequency. Especially in situations where transom and special shapes are really hard to reach.

Large areas of glass are also found in light commercial applications where energy consumption and cleaning labor would be even more important. A light commercial renovation could see real savings with this glazing option.
A homeowner choosing Lincoln and Timeline Revitalize series replacement windows and patio doors will greatly benefit as well. Not only will the new windows open smoothly and look great, but the inherent advantages of the LoE³-366™/Neat® will lead to energy savings, comfort and easier cleaning.

 You may be wondering, what other glass products are compatible with the new LoE³-366™/Neat® glazing package? Our most energy efficient product, Dual Low-E with LoE³-366™ also gains the Neat® advantage. Other options are still available such as: Preserve protective film, foam spacers, tempered glass, tints, laminated glass and several specialty glass choices including obscure glass. Our many grille choices are unaffected.

For our dealer base, the Litebuilder quote system is updated to include this new glass package. Download the newest version and note the letter “n” in the lower left corner of the window diagram when selecting LoE³-366™. A separate line item reading LoE³-366™/Neat® is included and the “n” will be displayed on the printed bid.

Of course you can expect the same great 20-year glass warranty from Lincoln/Timeline. Most products are identified with laser-etched logo identification revealing the manufactured month/year and order number/line number.

Also just as important, there are no changes in delivery time and standard lead times will apply!

For more information please contact a Lincoln customer service representative, view us online at www.lincolnwindows.com, pick up a copy of our printed Glass Options Flyer or consult with your local authorized Lincoln dealer.

Also, find other glass options at www.cardinalcorp.com.

Realize the value of LoE³-366™/Neat®, utilize your local dealer and join the Lincoln Family today!