Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Awning Windows

Built with the same design features as a casement window make awnings the perfect complement to our popular casement line.

Lincoln awnings can also be mulled above or below a studio window or utilized as a standalone element. Because they are hinged at the top, awnings provide secure ventilation and shed water during light rain.

StormPoint Series


Lincoln offers a selection of five exterior collections for windows including: aluminum clad, vinyl clad, hybrid, primed and natural wood.


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Traditional Awning Windows

As part of Lincoln casement family, traditional crank-out awning windows look great and perform efficiently year-after-year. Awnings match casement/studio profiles, are stackable and can be mulled above (as a transom) or below in multiple combinations.

Awning characteristics allow venting from the bottom and will shed light rain. Sash locks, located on the side jambs, pull sash tight to the frame weatherstripping and make traditional awning units very secure against turbulent weather.




  1. 4-9/16” jamb.
  2. 1-3/16” thick side jambs, head and sill.
  3. 7/8” insulating laminated glass.
  4. Interior wood glazing bead.
  5. Maximum thickness sill cover.
  6. Full surround weatherstrip on the frame.
  7. .050 extruded aluminum on sash and frame. Vinyl exteriors utilize .050 extruded PVC vinyl. Wood units have primed sash on the exterior with cPVC sill, sill nosing and brickmould.
  8. Injected frame corners on aluminum clad products with corner key for added stability. Fusion welded corners on vinyl clad frames.
  9. 1-3/4” thick sash.
  10. Exterior mounted sash snubber (top mount for awning).