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Distinctive rooms require an exceptional door system. Lincoln Fold-A-Way doors, when completely opened, leave a stunning unobstructed view. Multiple configurations consist of stacking panels and may include an operable out-swing panel.


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Aluminum clad, the most popular exterior, offers color flexibility and structural strength while providing a homeowner with a low maintenance exterior. Extruded aluminum frames and sash protect homes from the outdoors and add structural integrity for maximum functionality. We offer eight standard colors, thirty-eight feature colors, seven spray-on anodized colors and have the ability to match from a customer’s sample.

All of our standard, feature and custom color options are painted to AAMA 2605 performance requirements. AAMA 2605 high performance paint is the preferred choice of designers, architects and educated consumers. Exceptional color retention and minimal chalking are leading characteristics of this premium paint finish.

Actual color may vary from image on computer screen. Please see your Lincoln dealer for the latest available colors.


Standard Colors - AAMA 2605

Our standard colors are the mainstay of the clad product line. The popularity of these eight time-tested shades is proven by repeat customer demand.


White Ivory Adobe Beige CoffeeBean Hartford Green Bronze Classic Black  

Feature Colors - AAMA 2605

A selection of thirty-eight additional colors provides an opportunity to achieve that distinctive look. Our feature colors offer a wide range of shades that will take your project from ordinary to extraordinary!


Winter White Linen Chamois Sandstone Sierra Tan Hampton Brown Pueblo Tan Driftwood  
Chocolate Malt Toffee Cocoa Spice Pinecone Crimson Santa Fe Brick Red  
Rosewood Chili Powder Berry Red Merlot Bay Leaf Patina Green Fairway Thistle  
Wild Ivy Sagebrush Sea Foam Caribbean Glacier Military Blue Ink Night Sky  
Steel Blue Dove Grey Battleship Grey Charcoal Stone Grey Slate      

Custom Colors - AAMA 2605

We also offer a full color palette of custom colors. The paint laboratories will color match to your color sample and supply a paint swatch for your approval. Go beyond extraordinary with the limitless choice of custom colors.



Spray-On Anodized Colors - AAMA 2604

Our seven anodized colors offer you the look of an anodized finish with the benefits of a painted product. This AAMA 2604 certified paint provides field repair ability, color consistency and mortar and chemical resistance.


Clear Champagne Light Bronze Medium Bronze Dark Bronze Black Auburn    


Add that finishing touch to the exterior of your windows and patio doors by trimming them with the many brickmould and casings offered by Lincoln. Along with richening the aesthetics of your home, these factory-applied trims reduce the installation labor and hassle.


2" Brickmould 4" Brickmould 4" Flat Casing  
1/4" Sill Nosing 7/8" Sill Nosing Bull Nosing  
1" Box Sill Nosing      

Nailing Flange

A factory applied rigid aluminum nailing flange and color matched drip cap. This .050 extruded option features mitered corners with supplied gaskets.



Spread Mulls

Typical mulling is done with a tight unit to unit mull clip. Spread mulls add additional spacing between windows and patio doors. Popular rational for doing so would include: accommodating a special opening with standard size windows, to achieve a ‘heavier’ look and working around essential structural framing.

Spread mulls can be done both vertically and horizontally, open or filled, and are compatible with exterior trim options.


1/2" 3/4" 2" 3-1/2"  

Panning Systems

These additional trims snap into the accessory groove which can add additional width and height to a window or patio door. This system will fill space from a window frame to the building thereby covering the framing material and nail fins. Incorporate an H-clip and create an adjustable panning used to join two units fairly far apart.

The panning system is a nice feature commonly used for remodeling when there are existing and varying openings.


H-clip 2" 4" 6"  

Wood Species

Nothing enhances the look and feel of a room more than the richness and beauty of wood. Our standard pine interior is fine for most applications, but if you are looking to really enhance the character of your project, we offer five additional wood species.


Alder Cherry Fir Mahogany Oak Pine      


Natural Wood

Lincoln will leave your interior wood surface sanded smooth, ready for stain and sealer.




If you plan to paint the interior of your windows and patio doors, you can have them primed with a white factory applied water-based acrylic latex primer.



Pre-Finished White

To take things a step further, we also offer a factory applied top-coat of paint. Pre-Finished White is intended to be your final coat of paint and reduce jobsite finishing costs.


Square Glazing Bead

With or without the new square Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) option, utilizing the new square glazing bead style is becoming increasingly popular in the architectural communities. Lincoln's sharper glazing bead profile was designed to flow naturally with the super straight lines featured in modern designs.


Jamb Extensions

When installing a window, increasing the depth of the window frame to accommodate the wall thickness is sometimes necessary. This can easily be accomplished with the use of jamb extensions available in all six wood species.


Mull Casings

This is an interior trim covering that hides the joinery between mulled window assemblies and is commonly used when purchasing an applied extension jamb. Mull casings are available to match our wood species.


The glass in windows and patio doors has the single largest effect on energy efficiency. Lincoln’s standard insulated glass offering includes double strength glass combined with a warm edge spacer. For greater energy efficiency, argon is added to all Low-E glass units, at no cost to the customer, with the exception of those units requiring capillary/breather tubes. These units include, but are not limited to, glass 12” and less in width or height and units shipped over high elevations. Lincoln does not guarantee that the initial argon fill rate will be maintained over the life of the product. Argon depletion may decrease energy efficiency. For more information, contact your local dealer or Lincoln Wood Products, Inc.

Overall insulated glass dimensions are 11/16” on double hungs, 7/8” on casements and 3/4” on patio doors. Choose Lincoln’s standard glass or a combination of energy efficient, low maintenance and specialty glass options for appearance, performance and comfort.

Energy Efficient Options

  • Clear I.G.
  • LoĒ-180™
  • LoĒ²-272®
  • LoĒ³-366™/Neat®
  • Dual Low-E2 (LoĒ-i89™/LoĒ²-272®)
  • Dual Low-E3 (LoĒ-i89™/LoĒ³-366™/Neat®)

Low Maintenance Options

  • Neat®
  • Preserve®



Pattern 62 Matte Frost Horizontal/Vertical Reed Rain Glue Chip


Bronze Grey  

LoĒ-180™, LoĒ²-272®, LoĒ-i89™, LoĒ³-366™, Neat® and Preserve® are trademarks of Cardinal IG.

There are not only choices in the glass itself, there’s also variation in glazing. Here is another opportunity to have your windows and doors made to fit the interior design, décor and style of the room. Additionally, the exterior interacts with the overall architecture and creates fantastic curb appeal. Enhancing windows and doors with lite divisions definitely puts the icing on the cake. Although there are standard lite configurations designated for all products, custom designs are also welcome.

Simulated Divided Lites

Windows and doors may be enhanced with simulated divided lites. Both the interior wood bars and the exterior aluminum bars are sealed to the glass with 3M adhesives and are available in all of our Standard, Feature, Custom, and Spray-On Anodized colors.

Simulated divided lites are available in 5/8”, 7/8”, 1-1/8” and 2” bar widths and are color-matched to the exterior cladding. They may be ordered with mill finish or bronze spacer bars or with no spacer at all.



Internal Grilles

Mill Finish Bronze Finish  

Exterior Bars



5/8" Bar 7/8" Bar 1-1/8" Bar 2" Bar

Interior Profiled Bars



5/8" Bar 7/8" Bar 1-1/8" Bar 2" Bar

Interior Square Bars



5/8" Bar 7/8" Bar 1-1/8" Bar

Interior Wood Grilles

Interior wood grilles are available in single profile widths of 5/8”, 1”, and 1-1/4” and a double profile width of 7/8”. These can be ordered with or without a perimeter surround. Interior grilles offer the convenience of removal for the cleaning of interior glass surfaces.


With Surround Without Surround  

Single Profile


Double Profile

5/8" Bar 1" Bar 1-1/4" Bar   7/8" Bar  

Internal Aluminum Grilles

Another unobstructive manner of lite division is the addition of an internal aluminum grille. Inserted at time of insulated glass fabrication, internal aluminum grilles are 11⁄16” double profile and are available in all eight of our standard clad colors and six two-toned options. Two-toned colors are matched with white.


11/16"" Bar  

Standard Colors

White Ivory Adobe Beige Coffee Bean Hartford Green Bronze Classic Black  

Two-Toned Colors

Adobe Beige Hartford Green Bronze Classic Black        

Lincoln Divided Lites

Authentic lite division produced with 7/8” and 1-1/4” bar widths, Lincoln Divided Lites are produced as primed units only. Utilizing the 1-1/4” bar enables the product to encompass insulated glass. The 7/8” bar, however, is only available in single glazed units.


7/8" Bar 1-1/4" Bar  








Queen Anne










A fully integrated retractable insect screen is available for openings up to 24 feet wide and 9 feet high. The load balanced system opens and closes effortlessly and remains firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied.

The screen is manufactured entirely in stainless steel, brass and reinforced engineering polymers. The tough PVC-coated polyester mesh used in the screen is hard wearing, resistant to damage, easy to clean and can be replaced if necessary.


Handles & Backplates


Take the customization of your swing doors to another level with six handle options and four choices of backplates and a selection of twelve finishes. Our standard handle set is the München handle with M374N backplate in Polished Brass, but you have the option of mixing and matching handles, backplate styles and finishes to create a door design that’s truly inspiring. NOTE: Not all handles can be combined with all backplates. See the chart below for available combinations.

Our handles are manufactured using the finest quality brass alloys. The surface of the handle, except Oil-Rubbed, is protected by a transparent enamel finish which offers strength and durability as well as a smooth, blemish free surface. Oil-Rubbed has a “live” finish that changes over time.

Finishes for the Athinai handle set are limited. See the chart below for available finishes. Split-finish handle sets (backplate and base of handle are first finish and end of handle is second finish) of Polished Brass/Brushed Brass and Polished Chrome/Brushed Stainless Steel are not shown but are also available.

Want these handle sets throughout your home? A variety of matching interior door handle sets are available. Please contact HOPPE® directly at 1-888-485-4885 or for more information.

Strike plates match the handle sets. Handle set options are identical for out-swing doors. However, the only offering for the strike plate and locked pin hinges is Stainless Steel.


White Polished Brass Antique Brass Oil-Rubbed Brass  
Satin Nickel Antique Nickel Polished
Matte Black Faux Bronze      


New Orleans
  München Ródos New Orleans Verona Toronto Athinai
Polished Brass
Antique Brass  
Oil-Rubbed Brass  
Matte Black  
Polished Chrome  
Brushed Chrome  
Satin Nickel
Antique Nickel  
Faux Bronze  
Polished Brass/
Brushed Brass
Polished Chrome/
Brushed Stainless Steel


HOPPE® Bronze

Want a handle set that will make your patio door extraordinary? Hoppe® Bronze will do just that. Each handle set has a “live” finish that changes over time. To achieve this unique finish, the cast bronze alloy is tumbled in rocks and water and given a patina finish through oxidation and hand-rubbed with oils and waxes.

These handle sets are available in Antique Bronze or Dark Bronze, with a New Orleans or Missoula handle and a B2161 or B3741 backplate.


Dark Bronze  
Antique Bronze  
New Orleans


HOPPE® Dallas

Introducing Lincoln’s newest patio door handle set with clean, crisp and contemporary charm, the Dallas! This modern hardware, featuring straight square lines, is the perfect touch for today’s building aesthetic.

Finishes include: Dark Bronze Metallic, Matte Black, Satin Nickel and Brass all with the M2161N backplate.


Dark Bronze Metallic Matte Black  
Satin Nickel Brass


Lincoln Swing Patio Doors come standard with adjustable, corrosion resistant hinges and are equipped with non-removable pins for security. PLEASE NOTE: Removal of the door will require unscrewing the hinge from the frame or door panel. Available finishes match HOPPE® handle sets. In-Swing patio doors come standard with Gold Powder Coat finished hinges. Standard for Out-Swing patio doors is Brushed Chrome.

For light commercial applications, we offer high quality 4" ball bearing hinges in many beautiful finishes. These heavy duty architectural hinges feature stylish radius corners.



Standard Finishes

Standard Hinge

White Polished Brass Antique Brass Oil-Rubbed Brass Satin Nickel Antique Nickel
Matte Black Faux Bronze Gold Powdercoat Grey Powdercoat

4" Commercial Hinge


Special Order Finishes*

Bronze Anodized Resista® Satin Nickel Resista® Antique Nickel Resista® Polished Brass    
  * May require additional lead time.

Bifold Components

Track, Guide Channel and Sill

The Fold-A-Way Patio Door is a top mounted track system allowing the weight of door to be carried on the header. The bottom guide glides with minimal effort in a polypropylene floor channel lining allowing a smooth, almost silent rolling action. A low threshold guide channel is available for internal applications - no obtrusive door sill, just a recessed track in the floor.

Carriers, Guides and Pivots

Carriers, guides and pivots use the highest grade stainless steel rollers and bearings. Floor guides and floor pivots are offset so the floor guide channel is located directly under the door panels when they are closed. This system is beneficial from an aesthetic perspective and reduces the opportunity for dust and debris to enter the channel.

Handles, Hinges and Dropbolts

Our doors include heavy-duty pull handles and hinges. Door panels come standard with three hinges, a fourth is added for doors over 7’4”. Flush-mounted dropbolts firmly anchor the door panels when closed.


One of the best ways to change or improve the look of a home is to alter the patio door configuration. Our vast offering of patio door styles allows for configurations from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. The samples shown below are just a handful of what's possible. Whether you want a simple sidelite combination or are looking to make a statement by combining standard patio doors with specialty shapes, we can meet your needs.

2-Wide 3-Wide 3-Wide  

Architectural Details

CSI Specs, CAD Drawings & Elevations
NFRC Performance Data
Air, Water & Structural Test Data
Clear Openings

Appropriate selection of Lincoln product which conforms to applicable laws, ordinances and building codes is the responsibility of the project architect or builder.