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Isn’t your home your own little world? Typically as your largest single investment, shouldn’t it have a pleasant atmosphere for family and friends? Finding the right comfort level for each home and each family is the goal.

Lincoln offers glazing options with thoughts of energy efficiency and creature comforts alike. Whether your home is in the Sunbelt consisting of long sunny summer days, hot muggy nights and high air conditioning bills or is in the heart of the Midwest with extended periods of below-zero temperatures and high heating bills, sit in your favorite chair, relax and let our manufacturing excellence guide you through our diverse IG offering.

The majority of projects utilize clear glass, but occasionally a project requires the use of a specialty glass. Whether it be to conceal the view from the exterior of a building, distort the details of objects through the glass or provide an extra level of safety, we have a variety of specialty glasses that will meet your needs. Our specialty glass options include: Laminated, Tempered, Tinted, Spandrel, Turtle, and Patterned.


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Pattern 62 Matte Frost Horizontal/Vertical Reed Rain Glue Chip


Bronze Grey  



This special glass is produced by bonding a combination of plastic vinyl layers and polyester film between two panes of glass into a single sheet. Sea-Storm® glass looks like ordinary glass, but is designed to pass stringent building requirements in high wind speed areas. It protects like a shield against accidental impact, forced entry, sun damage and unwanted noise. Extensive testing shows that upon impact, broken glass fragments tend to adhere to the durable, bonded plastic vinyl interlayer, reducing the risk of injury and damage.



Features & Benefits

  • Storm Barricade: Resists impact from air-borne projectiles and debris without the need for storm panels or shutters. Remains integral even after glass breakage and during high/low pressure ‘pumping’.
  • Safety Shield: Is tougher to break. If broken, the vinyl interlayer remains in the frame with glass fragments adhering to it, providing a strong barrier against forced entry.
  • Solar Screen: Offers a clear glass appearance with enhanced protection against fading of furniture, flooring, artwork and other home furnishing.
  • Sound Control: Reduces unwanted outside noise in high traffic areas. Train tracks, airports and heavy highway traffic are less obtrusive.
Laminated Glass Construction with .090 PVB Interlayer.

Sea-Storm® is a trademark of Cardinal IG.