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Lincoln Fit Double Hung Insert Windows

Restore your drafty and non-working windows with our frame-in-frame window system. Lincoln Fit Double Hung replacement windows are designed to fit your existing double hung frame pocket and are a complete window. As part of our Revitalize window replacement program, Lincoln Fit windows are quick to install, fully tested products and energy efficient.

Revitalize Series


Lincoln Fit products are available in our aluminum clad exterior.


Select an exterior:





Traditional Double Hung Windows

This arrangement is an ageless window type that offers some unique advantages. Sash tilt in for easy cleaning, ventilation is improved by opening the top and bottom sash equally and classic historical appeal is achieved when using Lincoln double hungs.

Our traditional window is equipped with advanced energy saving features. For example, Lincoln double hung checkrails incorporate the use of interlocks, weatherstrip and high-quality sash locks for a precision fit.



Lincoln Fit Double Hing with callouts  
  1. 3-1/4” jamb - Fits snugly into your opening after worn-out sash and balances are removed.
  2. Extruded aluminum clad exterior - Eight standard colors, thirty-eight feature colors and custom color matching.
  3. Fully assembled - Units are packaged with installation hardware, sill expander and include color-matched screens.
  4. Heavy duty hardware - Hardware performs year after year.
  5. Tilt-in sash - Sash tilt to the interior for easier cleaning.
  6. Concealed jambliner option- Wood covered jambliner for cleaner interior lines. Sash are equal size.


  • Seven Sash Lock Finishes - Match your interior décor for a consistent look throughout the home.
  • Block & Tackle Balance - Sash weight is compensated for and makes windows easy to operate.
  • Interlock with Weatherstrip - Double protection against air infiltration with multiple weatherstrips and interlocking sash.
  • Continuity of Design - Lincoln Fit windows look just like our full-frame replacements.
  • Mulling Options - Units can be mulled in two and three-wide configurations.
  • Picture Windows - Large stationary openings can be made energy efficient.
  • Flat Sill Option - Wood reinforcing that easies installation for flat sills or sills less than 8°.