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Fold-A-Way Patio Doors

This breathtaking new door offers consumers the ability to blur the lines between the inside and outside of a home or business or easily turn two rooms into one and back again. When closed, the system provides a secure barrier from unwanted visitors, noise and weather elements while maintaining the view.  When open, it creates an expansive passage between indoor and outdoor spaces without fixed glass panels, mullions or posts.

The “accordion style” door glides effortlessly on an overhead track system.  Numerous out-swing panel configurations are available anywhere from two to eight panels in each direction and can include an access panel.

Fully customizable, the Fold-A-Way Patio Door is available with handle sets in twelve solid finishes and two split finishes, six interior wood species, three frame and sash exteriors (primed wood, species grade mahogany and fir and extruded aluminum clad), multiple glass options, three styles of grids and the option of a fully integrated retractable screen.

Lincoln’s new Fold-Away Patio Door is sure to add a touch of excitement to any project.

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Bifold Components

Track, Guide Channel and Sill

The Fold-A-Way Patio Door is a top mounted track system allowing the weight of door to be carried on the header. The bottom guide glides with minimal effort in a polypropylene floor channel lining allowing a smooth, almost silent rolling action. A low threshold guide channel is available for internal applications - no obtrusive door sill, just a recessed track in the floor.

Carriers, Guides and Pivots

Carriers, guides and pivots use the highest grade stainless steel rollers and bearings. Floor guides and floor pivots are offset so the floor guide channel is located directly under the door panels when they are closed. This system is beneficial from an aesthetic perspective and reduces the opportunity for dust and debris to enter the channel.

Handles, Hinges and Dropbolts

Our doors include heavy-duty pull handles and hinges. Door panels come standard with three hinges, a fourth is added for doors over 7’4”. Flush-mounted dropbolts firmly anchor the door panels when closed.


A fully integrated retractable insect screen is available for openings up to 24 feet wide and 9 feet high. The load balanced system opens and closes effortlessly and remains firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied.

The screen is manufactured entirely in stainless steel, brass and reinforced engineering polymers. The tough PVC-coated polyester mesh used in the screen is hard wearing, resistant to damage, easy to clean and can be replaced if necessary.