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Spray-On Anodized Finishes

Designed to bring the advantages of paint to the anodized market.

There is now an option for those that desire the qualities of a high performance painted finish with the look of anodized - ACRA-BOND® 611, a spray-on anodized finish. This factory-applied painted finish yields extra benefits that traditional anodized can’t match, including the ability to be repaired in the field and color consistency from part to part as well as batch to batch. Spray-on anodized finishes also give you highly desirable qualities of mortar and chemical resistance. (Source: AkzoNobel website)

ACRA-BOND® 611 is the newest member if the AkzoNobel family of high performance coatings for the aluminum extrusion industry. It is specifically formulated to meet all of the requirements of AAMA 611, with the exception of abrasion resistance.

Spray-on anodized finishes are an excellent choice for residential new construction and remodeling projects and are very popular for mixed-use light commercial projects. Light commercial buildings often utilize aluminum storefront products on the ground level with aluminum clad windows on the upper levels. Versatile enough for all applications, spray-on anodized colors will make your project very unique and priced as part of our “feature color” program, make for an affordable window upgrade.

Seven Colors More selection with a very popular color spectrum.
Spray-on Application Less environmentally hazardous process and uniform colors.
Field Repairs Paint can be “touched up” on the job site if damage occurs.
Warranty Finish is covered under our 10 year paint warranty.
Architect Friendly Ability to match aluminum storefront for mixed-use projects.


Clear Champagne Light Bronze Medium Bronze Dark Bronze Black  

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