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Dual Low-E Glass

Our most ecologically aware combination of glass products designed for projects requiring extraordinary energy efficiencies.

As the ENERGY STAR program ratchets up its requirements, our glass offering continues to provide consumers with an ability to comply.  Lincoln's Dual Low-E is the next generation insulating glass package that tackles these stricter requirements by combining LoĒ² or LoĒ³-366™ with a pyrolytic (hardcoat) low-e surface.

This energy efficient glass lowers U-Values and retains more of your costly heat inside for the Northern and North/Central zones.  For the South/Central and Southern zones, where Solar Heat Gain Coefficients are more important, our Dual LoĒ package with LoĒ³-366™ would be a natural choice. 

This glass option can be argon gas-filled and assembled with alternative spacer systems for even higher performance ratings.

The interior of the surface of the Dual Low-E Glass has a thin pyrolytic coating which gives it an improved thermal performance. The low emissivity coating has a very fine, hard texture which requires a slightly different cleaning procedure when compared to regular glass.

Routine Cleaning: Clean the glass as soon as dirt and or debris become apparent. Products such as Windex® and Sparkle® work well for routine hand cleaning. A mixture of one part vinegar with ten parts water is also an excellent cleaning product. Lincoln does not recommend alcohol-based or ammonia-based cleaners as they tend to leave visible streaks.

Start cleaning at the top of a particular wall or window and work your way down. Apply the liquid liberally to the glass surface and wipe with a lint free towel or cloth. Use a squeegee or clean soft cloth with clean water, to remove the cleaning solution from the glass as well as the frame and surrounding materials. To prevent streaking, stop wiping when the glass is almost dry and there is still a uniform film of moisture on the glass. This film will quickly evaporate leaving a clean surface.

Spot Cleaning: For stubborn dirt or foreign materials, such as grease, oil, tape adhesive, paint and even crayons, standard glass cleaner may not suffice. For these instances, products such as Soft Scrub®, Denatured Alcohol, Acetone or Goof-Off® should be used.

Apply a small quantity of the liquid to a clean WET cloth. Rub on the surface requiring spot cleaning. Wipe clean and follow up with the routine cleaning procedure given above.

Specialized Cleaning: While metallic objects, such as razor blades or steel wool should never be used to clean glass surfaces, it is especially important when working with Dual Low-E glass. The low-emissivity surface on the interior of the glass is actually harder than the metallic objects and a thin layer of the metal may be removed from the object and deposited on the surface of the glass which may appear as a ‘stain’ or ‘scratch’. These cannot be removed by routine cleaning. For the removal of metal marks, you will need to use products such as Acid Magic®, Steel Glo® or Muriatic Acid.

Apply a small quantity of the liquid to a clean wet cloth and rub on the glass surface until the mark is removed. Wipe clean and follow up with the routine cleaning procedure to remove any residue left by the specialized cleaning liquids.

NOTES: Do not wipe with a dry cloth or when the surface is dry. Never spray products such as Acid Magic®, Steel Glo® or Muriatic Acid directly on the glass surface. The over-spray of these liquids may damage non-glass window components such as wood, vinyl or silicone.

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