Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Owner's Manual

Fold-A-Way Patio Doors

Purchasing windows is not unlike buying other building products. When a question arises, a helpful guide can lead you through common questions such as finishing interiors/exteriors, adjusting a hardware system or cleaning glass.

Our owner’s manual is a user-friendly guide intended to provide information and recommendations related to Lincoln Windows and Patio doors. Products tend to look better and last longer with the proper care and maintenance.

Carrier Pin Adjustment

Components come with a plastic shipping clip installed.

  1. Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver into the slot and rotate the pin.
  2. When correct adjustment is reached, remove the shipping clip.
  3. Carrier pin will snap into place when the blade and slot are aligned.
  4. To readjust, pull the blade down to disengage it from the slot, replace the shipping clip and rotate the pin.
  5. Remove shipping clip after final adjustment.

Wall Pivot Adjustment

  1. Locate screwdriver slot.
  2. Insert flat-bladed screwdriver into slot and rotate.
  3. Utilize both top and bottom wall pivots to maximize adjustment range.

Track Maintenance

It is important that the sill track be kept free of dirt and debris. To clean the sill, vacuum when necessary. Wash tracks with mild soap and water if needed. Always be sure that weep holes on the inside and the outside of the sill are free of dirt and debris. If necessary the retention chamber of the passive weep system can be blown out with compressed air.