Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Owner's Manual

Glider Windows

Purchasing windows is not unlike buying other building products. When a question arises, a helpful guide can lead you through common questions such as finishing interiors/exteriors, adjusting a hardware system or cleaning glass.

Our owner’s manual is a user-friendly guide intended to provide information and recommendations related to Lincoln Windows and Patio doors. Products tend to look better and last longer with the proper care and maintenance.

Screen Removal

Unlock the window and move operating sash to cover the stationary sash (fully open position). Grasp the two plungers, located on the side of the screen, and simultaneously pull them toward the center of the screen while pushing the screen outward. With the full screen option, this may require two people. When the exterior of the window frame has been cleared, grasp the sides of the screen frame and pull down and out. Rotate the screen approximately 45° and pull to the building’s interior.


Sash Removal

Move the inside sash toward the stationary sash and past the anti-lift device (sash should be centered). Grasp both sides of the sash and lift to clear the bottom track. In order to replace the glider sash, simply reverse the removal process.


Track Maintenance

Occasionally you will need to clean the head and sill tracks using a mild soap and water solution (do not use abrasives or solvents or any cleaner that may contain petroleum distillates of any kind on these parts). As needed, a light coat of paraffin wax or spray furniture polish may be applied to the tracks in order to lubricate them.