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Patio Doors

Lincoln's Slide-A-Way patio door is an extremely versatile system designed where immense areas of glass are desirable. A closed door will highlight elegant wide-stile panels or emphasize thin sight lines when using our narrow stile options.

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Lincoln Slide-A-Way patio doors utilize an aluminum clad frame in all applications. Panel selections consist of: aluminum clad, primed and natural wood.


Select an exterior:





Panel Options

Narrow Stile-Leave more glass area to capture your view with our narrow sash perimeter.  Minimalist designers can enjoy door products with a contemporary look that won’t diminish options in door size, grills, glass or exterior colors.

Wide Stile-Create the perfect sliding doors with a swing door appearance-the stile widths are identical in size. Wide stiles look substantial, create a sense of security and are often favored when selecting one our special wood species. 



Operational Choices

Stacking-The stacking system allows all operating panels to fit over the end stationary panel.  Door jamb widths will vary with the number of panels/tracks utilized.  A pull handle is commonly used with this door for an additional design element.

Pocketing-Doors disappear fully into a specially designed wall cavity. A pocketing arrangement employs a flush lock permitting the locking panel to completely slide out-of-sight. What remains is a entirely open space.

Unidirectional-Sliding system operates totally in one direction.

Bi-Parting-Operating panels oppose to operate and join in the center with an astragal. 



Maximum Panel Width 48-1/2"
Maximum Panel Height 105-1/4"
Maximum Number of Panels 10
Door Panel Thickness 1-3/4"
Approximate Maxumum Width 38'
Maximum Height 108-3/16"
Minimum Roof Overhang 96"
  1. Attractive color-matched frame fillers (head and side jamb).
  2. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) core.
  3. 3⁄4” tempered insulating glass.
  4. Interior wood glazing bead.
  5. 1-3⁄4” thick panels.
  6. Thermally-broken bronze anodized sill.
  7. .050 extruded aluminum on panels and frame.
  8. Frame width accomodates from 1 to 10 panels.

Panel Configurations

Numerous stacking or pocketing configurations are available anywhere from one to ten panels. Below are a few of the configurations that are available.