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Natural Wood

Featuring wide or narrow styles, our slide doors are a beautiful combination of practicality and performance. Light up your room and keep the weather outside all while avoiding the clearance needed with a swinging patio door.

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High-grade natural wood inside and out.


Fir Mahogany Pine  


Add that finishing touch to the exterior of your windows and patio doors by trimming them with the many brickmould and casings offered by Lincoln. Along with richening the aesthetics of your home, these factory-applied trims reduce the installation labor and hassle.


2" Brickmould Williamsburg Flat Casing
Any dimension up to 8"
1" Sill Nosing  

Additional Options

Because we ship to the continental US and therefore experience a lot of different regional concerns, Lincoln offers special options that make using our products a lot easier. Please contact your local dealer for details.

  • Factory Set-up Frame – Slide door frames and stationary panels assembled in our plant yielding a quicker install.

Wood Species

Nothing enhances the look and feel of a room more than the richness and beauty of wood. Our standard pine interior is fine for most applications, but if you are looking to really enhance the character of your project, we offer five additional wood species.


Alder Cherry Fir Mahogany Oak Pine      


Natural Wood

Lincoln will leave your interior wood surface sanded smooth, ready for stain and sealer.



Square Glazing Bead

With or without the new square Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) option, utilizing the new square glazing bead style is becoming increasingly popular in the architectural communities. Lincoln's sharper glazing bead profile was designed to flow naturally with the super straight lines featured in modern designs.


Jamb Extensions

When installing a window, increasing the depth of the window frame to accommodate the wall thickness is sometimes necessary. This can easily be accomplished with the use of jamb extensions available in all six wood species.


Mull Casings

This is an interior trim covering that hides the joinery between mulled window assemblies and is commonly used when purchasing an applied extension jamb. Mull casings are available to match our wood species.


The glass in windows and patio doors has the single largest effect on energy efficiency. Lincoln’s standard insulated glass offering includes double strength glass combined with a warm edge spacer. For greater energy efficiency, argon is added to all Low-E glass units, at no cost to the customer, with the exception of those units requiring capillary/breather tubes. These units include, but are not limited to, glass 12” and less in width or height and units shipped over high elevations. Lincoln does not guarantee that the initial argon fill rate will be maintained over the life of the product. Argon depletion may decrease energy efficiency. For more information, contact your local dealer or Lincoln Wood Products, Inc.

Overall insulated glass dimensions are 11/16” on double hungs, 7/8” on casements and 3/4” on patio doors. Choose Lincoln’s standard glass or a combination of energy efficient, low maintenance and specialty glass options for appearance, performance and comfort.

Energy Efficient Options

  • Clear I.G.
  • LoĒ-180™
  • LoĒ²-272®
  • LoĒ³-366™/Neat®
  • Dual Low-E2 (LoĒ-i89™/LoĒ²-272®)
  • Dual Low-E3 (LoĒ-i89™/LoĒ³-366™/Neat®)

Low Maintenance Options

  • Neat®
  • Preserve®



Pattern 62 Matte Frost Horizontal/Vertical Reed Rain Glue Chip


Bronze Grey  

LoĒ-180™, LoĒ²-272®, LoĒ-i89™, LoĒ³-366™, Neat® and Preserve® are trademarks of Cardinal IG.

There are not only choices in the glass itself, there’s also variation in glazing. Here is another opportunity to have your windows and doors made to fit the interior design, décor and style of the room. Additionally, the exterior interacts with the overall architecture and creates fantastic curb appeal. Enhancing windows and doors with lite divisions definitely puts the icing on the cake. Although there are standard lite configurations designated for all products, custom designs are also welcome.

Simulated Divided Lites

Windows and doors may be enhanced with simulated divided lites. Both the interior and exterior wood bars are sealed to the glass with 3M adhesives and are available in all six wood species.

Simulated divided lites are available in 5/8”, 7/8”, 1-1/8” and 2” bar widths. They may be ordered with mill finish or bronze spacer bars or with no spacer at all.


Exterior Bars

7/8" Bar 1-1/8" Bar 2" Bar  

Internal Grilles

Mill Finish Bronze Finish    

Interior Profiled Bars



5/8" Bar 7/8" Bar 1-1/8" Bar 2" Bar

Interior Square Bars



5/8" Bar 7/8" Bar 1-1/8" Bar

Interior Wood Grilles

Interior wood grilles are available in single profile widths of 5/8”, 1”, and 1-1/4” and a double profile width of 7/8”. These can be ordered with or without a perimeter surround. Interior grilles offer the convenience of removal for the cleaning of interior glass surfaces.


With Surround Without Surround  

Single Profile


Double Profile

5/8" Bar 1" Bar 1-1/4" Bar   7/8" Bar  

Internal Aluminum Grilles

Another unobstructive manner of lite division is the addition of an internal aluminum grille. Inserted at time of insulated glass fabrication, internal aluminum grilles are 11⁄16” double profile and are available in all eight of our standard clad colors and six two-toned options. Two-toned colors are matched with white.


11/16"" Bar  

Standard Colors

White Ivory Adobe Beige Coffee Bean Hartford Green Bronze Classic Black  

Two-Toned Colors

Adobe Beige Hartford Green Bronze Classic Black        








Queen Anne











Screens allow you to enjoy the fresh air while keeping insects and debris out of your home. Lincoln offers three options.

BetterVue is our standard screen mesh. Made of fiberglass, it has thinner strands and a tighter weave than traditional fiberglass screen providing better visibility, increased light transmittance, greater airflow, improved curb appeal and enhanced protection from small insects (no-see-ums), debris and dust.

UltraVue® offers the most clarity of our screen mesh options. Constructed of fire-retardant charcoal fiberglass mesh, UltraVue® screens are engineered with even thinner strands and a tighter weave than our BetterVue® screen option for increased visibility, light transmittance, airflow and insect protection.

Aluminum is the most widely used metal for screens and is a great option for homes with pets or kids. Metal screens are popular in regions where insects routinely chew holes in fiberglass mesh.


BetterVue® UltraVue® Aluminum  



Our standard screen offers a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame built strong enough for years of use. Screens glide on metal rollers (both top and bottom) and are adjustable.

Allure - Standard Handle

Secure two-point locking hardware is both functional and attractive. Standard Allure handle sets in White, Sandstone, Adobe or Faux Bronze are painted metal on the interior and exterior. Keyed cylinders are optional.


White Sandstone Adobe Faux Bronze  

Contempo Handle - Optional

The newest addition to Lincoln’s sliding patio door product series is ready for your next project. Contempo hardware series is the perfect fit for modern architecture designs. Contempo handles feature straight clean aesthetics, functional easy-to-grab pulls and 9 popular finishes.

  • Attractive finishes to match contemporary interior decor
  • Factory predrilled mounting hole locations
  • Large pull surface to manage operation of large door panels
  • Backplate pairs nicely with ‘Dallas’ style swing door hardware
  • Two-point engagement system locks positively with side jamb keeper

    White Polished Brass Antique Brass Oil-Rubbed Brass  
    Satin Nickel Polished Chrome Brushed Chrome  
    Matte Black Faux Bronze  

    Signature - Optional Handle

    Signature handle sets are available in twelve finishes. If there is more than one door on a project, they may be ordered keyed alike. The latch mechanism is dual point, latching both up and down to resist forced entry by lifting the panel. Finishes can be color coordinated with swing doors. Keyed cylinders are standard.


    White Sandstone Adobe Polished Brass  
    Antique Brass Oil-Rubbed Brass Satin Nickel Antique Nickel  
    Polished Chrome Brushed Chrome Matte Black Faux Bronze  


    For additional security, order an optional footbolt and enjoy the comfort of knowing that the Lincoln slider passes a forced-entry test. Our Bronze or White footbolt is compatible with both the narrow and wide stile sliding door.


    White Bronze  

    One of the best ways to change or improve the look of a home is to alter the patio door configuration. Our vast offering of patio door styles allows for configurations from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. The samples shown below are just a handful of what's possible. Whether you want a simple sidelite combination or are looking to make a statement by combining standard patio doors with specialty shapes, we can meet your needs.

    Wide Stile Narrow Stile 2-Wide with Mulled Sidelite 3-Wide  
    4-Wide 3-Wide with Single Mulled Transom 4-Wide with Multiple Mulled Transoms  
    4-Wide with Trapezoids, Triangles and Rectangles 4-Wide with Hexagon and Trapezoinds  
    4-Wide with Mulled Extended Leg Half Round and Extended Leg Quarter Rounds 2-Wide with Sidelite and Mulled Trapezoids  

    Architectural Details

    CSI Specs, CAD Drawings & Elevations
    NFRC Performance Data
    Air, Water & Structural Test Data
    Clear Openings

    In natuural wood products, all components shown as cPVC are solid wood.
    Appropriate selection of Lincoln product which conforms to applicable laws, ordinances and building codes is the responsibility of the project architect or builder.