Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Why Lincoln

Product Selection

Our high initial product quality and extremely option oriented windows and patio doors create a tremendously loyal dealer, builder and homeowner base. Tie Lincoln’s broad product offering, energy efficient glass selection together with a great after-the-sale warranty and our exceptional brand value becomes evident.

How is this all possible? It starts with superb raw materials assembled with an impressively efficient manufacturing process and continuous quality improvement; that’s the Lincoln way!

Exterior Options

Lincoln offers a wide range of exterior options including: aluminum clad, vinyl clad, hybrid, primed and natural wood. All five exterior choices provide designers a distinctive look, offer tons of options, and are protected by a fantastic warranty.

Aluminum Clad - Aluminum clad products have the ability to be virtually any color. Lincoln offers eight standard colors, thirty-eight feature colors, seven spray-on anodized colors and have the ability to custom color match from a customer's sample.

Vinyl Clad - Our vinyl clad line is an optimal choice for outstanding thermal performance and greater resistance to harsh costal environments. Available in three popular colors; white, sandstone and adobe.

Primed Wood - If a painted exterior is what’s desired, we have a great line of primed products constructed with traditional trims and historical design features. cPVC components replace rot-prone wood parts and are ready for heat-resistant paint.

Hybrid - Lincoln’s unique way of combining aluminum clad or vinyl clad sash with a primed frame. This package creates a low-maintenance and durable window with historical charm. All of the factory applied exterior trim options available in our primed line are also available here.

Natural Wood - For that luxurious and elegant feel we offer natural wood products in pine, mahogany and fir. These all-wood products (both interior and exterior) showcase the distinctive warmth and beauty of wood, and are capable of blending in with natural siding materials.


Wood Species

Naturalist designer…meet unparalleled product beauty and flexibility…Lincoln’s Traditions Series all-wood windows and patio doors.

Pine is a staple throughout the wood window industry. Initially pine was chosen because of its abundant supply. Pine is also very easy to process and has a very consistent aesthetic appearance. We manage a very large inventory a pine window parts — that means quick lead times.

Lincoln takes this approach one step further. For the distinctive project, employ the super-rich feel of natural Mahogany or Douglas Fir wood products. Both of these alternative wood species stain to an excellent finish making this type of wood very appealing. Alternate wood species may take a little longer to get because Lincoln orders wood specifically for each job because they are individually milled and fabricated for your order…They’re worth the wait!!!

Looking for something other than a pine interior? Choose from these alternative wood species: oak, cherry, douglas fir, mahogany or alder.



At Lincoln, we team up with quality hardware manufacturers throughout our entire product mix.  Durable, fine-looking hardware is essential to our goal of building the best windows and patio doors possible.

The performance and strength of Truth’s Encore operator is testament to the total quality packed into the Lincoln casement window line.  Encore hardware requires 33% less cranking effort and the full-flip handle reduces collapse during operation.  Other features such as self-storing handles and popular finish colors garner attention from architects, builders and homeowners.

HOPPE® door hardware combines durability (multi-point system) and beauty (ten elegant finish colors) in every handle set. Multi-point systems are the standard of excellence by keeping door panels straight and maintaining weatherstrip contact.  Design choices include several backplate and handle styles which create a very broad selection intended for a unique look.

Lincoln, Truth and HOPPE® are all about high-end choices and these quality vendors are just two examples of our many component suppliers.  Our hardware is designed to bring harmony to your next building project and is sure to make a design statement all while lasting for years to come.


Innovation & Technology

Lincoln continually improves and refines our business while remaining focused on the most important thing, our customers. Our entire team is committed to providing value-oriented service. That is the reason we frequently upgrade our processes, equipment and dealer support systems.

Innovative manufacturing: Modern production equipment, continuous quality improvement programs, up-to-date facilities, user friendly computer operating system and quoting software.

Innovative marketing: 2008 Crystal Achievement Award winning literature, successful point-of-sale materials, AIA support, useful customer service website and company website.

Innovative sales approach: Strategically placed dealer partners, national show presence, on-site training, plant tours and visits, managed territory growth.

Innovative products: Fold-a-way patio doors, pushout casements, BetterVue screens, retractable screens, StormPoint impact rated products, Energy Star compliant product lines and always more in development.


Custom Built

Our specially designed windows and patio doors are made to order, with your individual specifications and design requirements. Each window is crafted to fill the order criteria and is never picked from a predetermined inventory.

Product enhancements may include needs such as special sizing, custom paint, safety glass, energy performance products, and coastal units. Have a remodeling situation? Some unique features such as historical grill configurations, jamb extensions, jamb jacks and exterior trim pieces may be requested. This is just a small sample of how our option-based window platform can work for you.

At Lincoln, we take extraordinary care to construct products tailor-made for your very individualized project.