Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

Why Lincoln

Quality Construction

Our high initial product quality and extremely option oriented windows and patio doors create a tremendously loyal dealer, builder and homeowner base. Tie Lincoln’s broad product offering, energy efficient glass selection together with a great after-the-sale warranty and our exceptional brand value becomes evident.

How is this all possible? It starts with superb raw materials assembled with an impressively efficient manufacturing process and continuous quality improvement; that’s the Lincoln way!



Historically, aluminum became the low-maintenance exterior choice for several key reasons. Aluminum is relatively easy to fabricate, provides exceptional structural support, receives paint extremely well, requires minimal maintenance, and is not easily dented.

At Lincoln, we use high quality ‘extruded’ aluminum profiles on both the sash and frames. This creates a very durable exterior product that when painted, also resists fading. Aluminum is 100% recyclable.




Closed cellular PVC window components are increasing in popularity as a high-quality exterior window component.  Interestingly, Lincoln has been using cPVC for at least a decade. This material is scratch resistant, paintable and will not sustain mold.

Products in our Traditions Collection (Primed) and Innovation Collection (Hybrid) utilize cellular materials in rot-prone areas; primed wood brickmold, casings, blindstops, sills and sill-nosing are replaced by cPVC because the core will not absorb moisture - no expansion and contraction.

Cellular PVC material cuts like wood and allows Lincoln to customize trim widths.  Flat casings can be specified in various sizes that enhance curb appeal in new construction or retrofit applications.  Williamsburg and 4-1/2” Backband cPVC trim profiles are also available.




Since 1947 wood has been the very heart of our business. Lincoln is conscious of every bit of wood fiber that we handle and our focus on the future is very clear. Our process starts with purchasing an excellent grade of lumber. Better lumber produces more usable yield with less waste. Cosmetically, it also looks better as a finished product.

Recycling our wood is an everyday procedure for Lincoln. Some of our by-products are converted in to wood flour which is an important component of products such as wood pellet fuel.


Customer Satisfaction


A craftsman is defined as a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft. That describes Lincoln’s manufacturing employees perfectly. Our tenured production staff makes every effort to build high-quality products and ship your orders on-time and complete. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

To support those efforts, we continually monitor and improve our windows and patio door production for quality. Technologically advanced equipment, modern facilities, dedicated hard-working employees and superior fenestration products—that’s Lincoln!!!



Customer Service

Our business is based upon building long-lasting relationships. We know that a company's most important asset is it customers. Our trained staff strives to cultivate these vital relationships by answering product questions during the quoting process, resolving issues quickly during purchasing cycle and providing high-quality assistance throughout the use of our products.

Lincoln’s knowledgeable customer service staff is dedicated to your account by region so we can begin to understand the needs of each geographical area.




The age-old saying goes a little like this: a warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it. Well, Lincoln has over 63 years of experience crafting high quality products and a superior level of customer support after-the-sale.

Please review our warranties and have the peace of mind that Lincoln windows (and warranty) are working hard for you.