Multi Slide Patio Doors

Lincoln's Multi Slide patio door is an extremely versatile system designed where immense areas of glass are desirable. A closed door will highlight elegant wide-stile panels or emphasize thin sight lines when using our narrow stile options.

Multi Slide Door Styles

Panel Options

Narrow Stile- Leave more glass area to capture your view with our narrow sash perimeter. Minimalist designers can enjoy door products with a contemporary look that won’t diminish options in door size, grills, glass or exterior colors.

Wide Stile- Create the perfect sliding doors with a swing door appearance-the stile widths are identical in size. Wide stiles look substantial, create a sense of security and are often favored when selecting one our special wood species.

Operational Choices

Stacking- The stacking system allows all operating panels to fit over the end stationary panel. Door jamb widths will vary with the number of panels/tracks utilized. A pull handle is commonly used with this door for an additional design element.

Pocketing- Doors disappear fully into a specially designed wall cavity. A pocketing arrangement employs a flush lock permitting the locking panel to completely slide out-of-sight. What remains is a entirely open space.

Unidirectional- Sliding system operates totally in one direction.

Bi-Parting- Operating panels oppose to operate and join in the center with an astragal.

Multi Slide Door Corner


  1. Attractive color-matched frame fillers (head and side jamb)
  2. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) core
  3. 3⁄4” tempered insulating glass
  4. Interior wood glazing bead
  5. 1-3⁄4” thick panels
  6. Thermally-broken bronze anodized sill
  7. .050 extruded aluminum on panels and frame
  8. Frame width accomodates from 1 to 10 panels


  • Maximum Panel Width - 48-1/2"
  • Maximum Panel Height - 105-1/4"
  • Maximum Height - 108-3/16"
  • Minimum Roof Overhang - 96"
  • Door Panel Thickness - 1-3/4"
  • Maximum Panels - 10
  • Maximum Width - 38'

Exterior Colors

Actual colors may vary from image on computer screen. Please see your Lincoln dealer for the latest available colors.

Aluminum Clad

Aluminum clad is definitely the most popular exterior choice from Lincoln, offering color flexibility and structural strength while providing a homeowner with a low maintenance exterior. Heavy .050 extruded aluminum frames and sash protect homes from the outdoors and add structural integrity for maximum functionality. Our Aluminum Clad product includes a full line of windows and patio doors plus a multitude of options. Beauty, durability, variety and performance are all brought to you by the Distinction Collection.

Why Choose Aluminum Clad?
Lincoln's Aluminum Clad product is all about the high quality painted colors and the ultra-dependable aluminum material where it is applied. Our standard paint finish specification is AAMA 2605. Considerations for quality paint include: chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, salt water spray resistance, weathering, color uniformity, and specular gloss.

Feature Highlights:

  • .050 extruded aluminum on sash and frame
  • AAMA 2605 paint finish
  • Injected frame corners with corner keys for added stability

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Interior Options

Wood Species

Nothing enhances the look and feel of a room more than the richness and beauty of wood. Our standard pine interior is fine for most applications, but if you are looking to really enhance the character of your project, we offer five additional wood species.

red oak
Red Oak
white oak
White Oak

Wood Finishes

Natural Wood

Lincoln will leave your interior wood surface sanded smooth, ready for stain and sealer.



If you plan to paint the interior of your windows and patio doors, you can have them primed with a white factory applied water-based acrylic latex primer.



To take things a step further, we also offer a factory applied top-coat of paint. Pre-Finished white or black is intended to be your final coat of paint and reduce jobsite finishing costs.

final finish
black finish

Square Glazing Bead

With or without the new square Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) option, utilizing the new square glazing bead style is becoming increasingly popular in the architectural communities. Lincoln's sharper glazing bead profile was designed to flow naturally with the super straight lines featured in modern designs.

square bead

Jamb Extensions

When installing a window, increasing the depth of the window frame to accommodate the wall thickness is sometimes necessary. This can easily be accomplished with the use of jamb extensions available in all six wood species.

jamb extension

Mull Casings

This is an interior trim covering that hides the joinery between mulled window assemblies and is commonly used when purchasing an applied extension jamb. Mull casings are available to match our wood species.

mull casing

Glass Options

Lincoln offers glazing options with thoughts of energy efficiency and creature comforts alike. Whether your home is in the Sunbelt consisting of long sunny summer days, hot muggy nights and high air conditioning bills or is in the heart of the Midwest with extended periods of below-zero temperatures and high heating bills, sit in your favorite chair, relax and let our manufacturing excellence guide you through our diverse IG offering.

Lite & Grille Options

There are not only choices in the glass itself, there’s also variation in glazing. Here is another opportunity to have your windows and doors made to fit the interior design, décor and style of the room. Additionally, the exterior interacts with the overall architecture and creates fantastic curb appeal. Enhancing windows and doors with lite divisions definitely puts the icing on the cake. Although there are standard lite configurations designated for all products, custom designs are also welcome.

Hardware Options

Slide A Way Door


Lead panels feature a lever pull for stacking doors and flush pulls on a pocketing system. Lever Pull Handle sets are available in nine finishes. Flush Pull Handle Sets are available in seven finishes. Flush Pull Handles are used primarily for pocket door applications and are available for wide stile only. Both come standard with a 2-point locking gear.

Lever Pull

slide away handle
slide away handle
slide away handle
slide away handle
slide away handle

Polished brass
Polished Brass
Antigue brass
Antique Brass
Oil rubbed brass
Oil-Rubbed Brass
faux bronze
Faux Bronze
matte black
Matte Black
Polished Chrome
Brushed Chrome
Satin Nickel

Flush Pull

slide away handle
Bright Gold
Antigue gold
Antique Gold
Polished Metallic
Silver Metallic

Track System and Rollers

The aluminum clad modular frame and track can be thermally broken creating less cold conduction if needed. The low profile sill tracks are available staggered or full width with a double fin weather-strip. Staggered track systems can be almost hidden by floor coverings. A weep system is available.

Adjustable and durable polypropylene rollers glide quietly.



Screen Options

Retractable Screen

A fully integrated retractable insect screen is available for openings up to 24 feet wide and 9 feet high. The load balanced system opens and closes effortlessly and remains firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied.

The screen is manufactured entirely in stainless steel, brass and reinforced engineering polymers. The tough PVC-coated polyester mesh used in the screen is hard wearing, resistant to damage, easy to clean and can be replaced if necessary.

hinged screen


All screens are made-to-order and specially configured for each bi-fold door system. They are available for openings up to 24’ wide x 10’ high and feature load balancing technology for effortless operation while remaining firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied. Screens store easily into its own frame when a clear opening is desired.

The tough PVC-coated polyester mesh used in the screen is hard wearing, resistant to damage, easy to clean and can be replaced if necessary. Choose a single function or double functioning system where six mesh options are available.


hinged screen

Configuration Options

One of the best ways to change or improve the look of a home is to alter the window configuration. Our vast offering of window styles allows for configurations from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. The samples shown below are just a handful of what's possible. Whether you want a simple studio window combination or are looking to make a statement by combining standard windows with specialty shapes, we can meet your needs.

Wide Stile
Wide Stile
Narrow Stile
Narrow Stile


5-Wide with Elipse
5-Wide with Elipse
6-Wide with Multiple Transoms
6-Wide with Multiple Transoms